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Bright and beautiful.

Every time when it comes to designing a small kitchen, most people simply speculated to put on a pair of square meters, thereby retaining the already tiny space. That is why, especially for this occasion, we have compiled the most interesting solutions and original ideas for kitchen design, reports the with reference to novate.

1. Black and white kitchen

Black-and-white decor is the classic and immortal, and most importantly – a win-win option. This combination of colors will always look appropriate in any interior. And even if you don’t have a hundred square meters – not a problem, with the right approach, priority and emphasis to achieve enormous success and in a small area. It is worth remembering only that on small kitchens the dominant hue should make it white. It make the room visually larger, and under proper lighting and not maximise it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with textures, they will be a real highlight of the interior, just as a bright accent, which is dilute black and white space.

2. In shades of blue and shades

Most people are so used to stick to neutral colors and shades that few people think to make the kitchen blue. But this color scheme is ideal for those who are tired platitudes and dreams to bring to life new colors, soft, calm but the warm and tender.

Important! Do not confuse blue and blue. First, unlike the second does not weigh down the space and makes it brighter, which is very handy for a small room.

3. Spectacular color

Also do not forget about that the kitchen is primarily the place where we spend a third of his time. Therefore, in order to brighten up the dull routine, you should pay attention to more original and spectacular colors that will be a nice touch to the interior. You decide that will drop the accent, whether it’s furniture, playing on the contrast or the floor and walls, attracting everyone’s attention from the first minute. In any case, no need to abuse the color palette, trying to sculpt into a coherent whole all the shades of the rainbow. Select one or maximum two catchy colors and by combining them together, create a unique atmosphere.

4. All shades of dark

Fun as it may sound, but the last couple of years of dark colors and shades beat all records, gently pushing aside a quiet classic color palette. So, if you want to keep up with the times and be in the trend, make your choice in favor of noble dark palette. Even despite the fact that you have a very small kitchen, the right color and texture only accentuate and play up the space, making it comfortable and cozy.

5. Marble kitchen

The modern world of design is full of a huge variety, but there are things and trends that remain unchanged for many years, continuing to be at the peak of popularity. Kitchen with elements of marble – a great option for those who adhere to a restrained but noble style. Thanks rich color palette and huge range of textures, you can easily choose a suitable option for themselves, and by blending with one another, will bring a special charm to the interior.


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