The opening of the spinning season with new clothes


And I don’t even know what pleases me more, what started the new season or the fact that my new clothes were waiting for this day!?

My very first outing with a spinning rod I planned on Akhtuba.

At least it’s close.

There was a large probability that I’m just to the river will not be able to drive.

I was willing to leave the car on the pavement and walk 1.5 km at least to see the open water, if it’s there!

I was lucky. In this place, judging by the footprints, I came first. The road on the hillside managed to dry out for exactly what would be on it were able to drive the field. Well, it’s time to get my first new clothes!

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As you know, each spinning his or her own destiny. Italian AirRus Bora with the test of 10.5-42 grams I acquired not to Akhtuba, but rather for the don and the Volga. But this season the water, as we all know, a lot.

The hard-nosed anglers have been at the river and said that for more than usual and that the goods of the jig 28, is struggling to keep up where before were 16, And this means that even on Akhtuba I perfectly find myself in the middle test of a new spinning.

Akhtuba not deceived expectations

After a moment I forgot about everything and longed looked at the tip of the rod waiting for the fish to bite. And I got it! Not to say that in an unexpected place.

The bottom topography has changed greatly. I went the usual route and fished the old point. A strange figure of course made me stay. Previously, this was not here! I quickly realized that the water washed some bump, which changed the pattern of flow.

Twenty-eight grams really carried so that it is not always the bottom could be felt. I moved a little lower, laid in the path of the cast a little more upstream (that is, threw a little upstream) and tried to rattle the stall with this comb. That happened clear, so desirable, this long-awaited bite!

More hands made themselves. It was pound pike. During the fight he killed my giant foam fish to shreds. For me – and have to peck the predator! But to fall into the euphoria of joy, they say, now catch a lot of fish – I didn’t.

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Practice shows that after raspyleniya ice on Akhtuba happen rare bite in the first couple of days. Then the fish as if he disappears and then begins to bite after warming the water prior to the flood. So, the rare, the bite I received and implemented!

Then I’m just at a fast pace prolevel all the available land Bank and completed its debut of the new season. About the new spinning something too early to say.

One fishing and one caught a fish – absolutely nothing to say. While I understand that spinning a very “kiguchi”, easy and clear. We will continue to see, as they say in Odessa.

Hello twitching!

The Volga-Akhtuba floodplain this spring was also a surprise. The ice bridges will break, but HES starting to increase the discharge of water, the melt water drains to the lowlands and drive them very hard, even the SUVs. But the sun is doing its job.

Fields have long been dry. Only a grader in the forest is still broken with deep ruts. But do we ever stop? Pike will not wait! Have to go!

If Akhtuba does not bite – only the largest of the lake where water warms up faster. We are dedicated to the exploration of the whole day.


Rare bite can be considered a success. Photo: Alexey Kolomiets.

Tried it in a deep Eric, fished the exit from the pits, but worked only shallow bays and pockets. Those are the places where in the fall I catch a pike on a surface lure, and in the spring on crankbaits minnow. Of course, in their ranks, I have over the winter happened replenishment.

I sometimes think that summer baits in my boxes in the winter breed. I can’t remember when I’ve been putting off, and in the spring look at the new bait and you wonder – how!?

Here’s one Wobbler (Storm Twitch Stick 65) I have shot. I started to catch on a sinking (sinking) Wobbler minnow, caught a few pike, but it hurts too much grass collected. Twitch Stick immediately began to bring the pike almost every cast.

This is an absolute m, which can be literally in the place of tugging and lead very slowly. Looks very good in his performance posting a “stop and go”. Easy potica, then a pause and again potica without any jerks. Two fishing Wobbler turned into ingrisano pike lure, wounds where talking about ulovistost.

Components of success

We arrived at one of the shallow winding of Erik, past which the road passes. Fishing was coming to an end, and we decided to finally go for a run with spinning up to the first corner to drink tea to birds singing and to move in the opposite way.

First catching small jacks in immediately instilled a degree of optimism. In Erice fish there too. But the fact that Eric is about the road – got me thinking.

Fine deltoides catch longer wanted. What if you try to throw a Wobbler where a throw can’t?

After the turn, just the wind at my back and the extension Erik. Well, just have to appreciate the volatile properties of the new braids! My calculation was that any heavy spinner that can fly to the cherished places – just hook the grass. But if the Wobbler throw and gently to animate all the pike I get. And so it happened!

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Literally in the first jerking the lure to a pike attacked and I started the noisy playing. Braided cord Mottomo Strong PE #1.2 perfectly coped with the task. I could put a thinner cord, but then playing the pike, which, after biting dived into the grass or mud – became a big question. Some had to literally tear out the grass.

I miraculously managed out of the lake to pull out of the bottom of a huge branchy driftwood to drag it to shore. That’s fair, pulled in anticipation of the cliff – but the cord did it!


The first test braided line handle. Photo: Alexey Kolomiets.

However, I would not rush to recommendations. Very often new braided cords keep breaking load. But to keep this quality for a long time – the power of favourites. So we’ll see what they say.

In the meantime, all my new clothes make me happy, spring twitching took place, the drill has long been lubricated and Packed to the mezzanine.


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