The oncologists told us why women need to drink black tea


Онкологи рассказали, почему женщинам нужно пить черный чай This drink reduces the risk of cancer.

A study by American scientists showed that by drinking black tea is anti-cancer effects on the body.

In the project scientists from the USA have involved women of different age groups. The task of the experts one of the participants was able to drink only tea, the other was allowed to drink any kind of drinks like that, but with the exception of tea.

Previously all women had a medical examination. At the end of experiment were again examined, it was found that regular consumption of black tea has contributed to positive changes in their hormonal health. In particular, in the body member aligns the metabolism of estrogen.

According to scientists, became more stable and smooth production of estrogen has provided tea lovers bole significant antitumor protection of the organism in comparison with the participants who did not drink tea. It normalized the level of estrogen lowers the risk of developing these types of cancer like cancer of the genital organs and breast cancer. High levels of estrogen, on the contrary, increases their risk.

“As for men, the black tea does not bear the same anti-cancer benefits as their main sex hormone is testosterone. But the rest of the healing properties of black tea which is still relevant,” said the authors.


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