The oligarchs of the “Kremlin’s list of” the problems started with the banks


У олигархов из "кремлевского списка" начались проблемы с банками

Russian businessmen face additional checks at least some of their financial transactions after the US publication of the list of oligarchs, recognized by allies of President Vladimir Putin, says Russian World.

One of the listed Russian businessmen said on condition of anonymity that he feared the collapse of the deal with foreign partners, the closing of which he expected in the next few months. According to another businessman, his reputation had seriously suffered because of the publication last week of a list of 210 billionaires and high-ranking officials of Russia, prepared by the Ministry of the Treasury by order of Congress.

Washington Financial Integrity Network, which advises banks and other organizations on issues of financial security, recommended that customers carefully check the transactions involving any of the mentioned in the list. the Company offered to consider them “politically exposed” persons, who, by definition, regulators are associated with increased risk of involvement in bribery or corruption in connection with the occupied position and the impact.

New connection

The list was prepared at the request of the U.S. Congress amid calls to punish Russia for interfering in the presidential elections of 2016. The first reaction suggests that the very fact of its publication is already putting pressure on the Kremlin elite. At the same time, thanks to the emergence of the rich list Russians were able to move their assets, without waiting for the introduction of financial constraints.

Some Russian businessmen have started to take precautionary measures in August, when the United States was signed into law, requiring the preparation of the list. At the same time, private banks have strengthened control over transactions after the publication of the list of names, said four sources familiar with the matter.

“In the near future will be very difficult to establish new relationships, until understanding of how to develop the sanctions regime,” — said the lawyer of Philadelphia Bruce marks, advising the Russians on the issue of sanctions.

Without consequences

However, several mentioned in the list of Russians said that they do not expect negative consequences for the business or personal connections. The President of the PJSC “VTB Bank” Andrey Kostin said in an interview with state television on Monday that a hit list for him nothing has changed and that he had no accounts abroad. The American division of the company, which is owned by one of the protesters in the list of billionaires Dmitry Pumpyansky, has announced the launch of an initial public offering of shares for $500 million hours before the publication of the list.

Putin called the list and the accompanying reports of the “unfriendly” step, stating that Russia to refrain from retaliatory measures.

Those who expected to get on the list or under the sanctions, “probably started to get rid of questionable assets in August,” when the law came into force, said the founder of Ferrari & Associates Erich Ferrari.


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