The oligarch in the guise of a Communist: why Grudinin hinders the work of the CEC


Олигарх в обличье коммуниста: почему Грудинин препятствует работе ЦИК

A person of the latter-day Communist – businessman Pavel Grudinina – familiar to users of the Russian segment of the Internet not at the expense of real cases and due to the large number of scandals accompanying the election campaign of the candidate from the Communist party. Though the entrepreneur holds the position of open communication with the media, but very meticulous about the selection of news agencies covering his activities. It would seem that fear is the “strong Manager”?

For Pavel Grudinina it is very important to save face in front of potential voters because of its reputation as obscure as lean and secure, can suddenly become the cause of his death as a political figure. That is why the team of the latter-day Communists started to eliminate “skeletons in the closet” entrepreneur long before its official registration in the CEC. Businessman heeded the requests of the environment and in just 24 hours “put in junk” securities in foreign banks, in fact, “plums” 7.5 billion rubles in an unknown direction.

This course “strawberry king” made a lot of noise in the information space. Subsequently, Pavel Grudinin has repeatedly justified in the media regarding huge funds abroad and stressed that “made” his fortune as a Director of the company CJSC “state Farm Lenin”, where he worked for more than 35 years. Nevertheless, this in no way explains how a simple Manager are salaried, managed to accumulate billions of dollars in amounts outside the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation.

The Deputy Chairman of the CEC of the Russian Federation Nikolay Bulaev previously argued that Paul Grudinin creates the appearance of conformity to the candidate, however, “forgets” to report the conduct of other foreign accounts. He explained that the businessman deliberately delaying the transfer of information regarding the cash placed in foreign banks. Moreover, it opens new contributions and trying to hide their existence from the Commission.

The journalists of news Agency “FAN” talked with a representative of the expert-analytical club “the Future today” Sergey Prostakov, who has criticized the “intransigence” Pavel Grudinina on timely submission of required data to the CEC: “the Presence of foreign accounts, the businessman is quite reasonable, but it raises reasonable suspicion. The words of the Communist party on the delay of interaction with the Commission, appear unconvincing.”

“Scandals of this format play a very negative role in Russian political life. In this particular case it is appropriate would look tough measures against the Paul Grudinina in case of violation of the law, which would act as a kind of cautionary tale for other candidates on elections of various levels in the future,” – said the expert.

The presidential candidate from the Communist party for more than a month unable to provide a detailed report regarding the movement of personal funds in foreign accounts. 8 January 2018, he provided a portion of the securities on the absence of large sums of money in foreign financial institutions, however, immediately made a correction – say, there are still a few open accounts in Bank of Liechtenstein, but they are not of interest for the CEC. It is quite obvious that Paul Grudinin decided to make fun of the office, which ahead of the elections will have to devote a lot of time and effort to the processing of questionable replies are extremely secretive businessman.



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