The old hermit gave researchers pictures of winged UFO


Старый отшельник передал исследователям фотографии крылатых НЛО The origin of the objects could not figure out.

A group of ufologists received from an elderly hermit photographs taken in the 50-ies of XX century.

The picture shows the sky with a strange object, reminiscent of wide-brimmed hats. According to researchers of the cosmos, is alien ships.

Photo made in the village of stark, Maine. Ufologists argue about the authenticity of the images. In 50-ies of XX century, many faked photos and sensationalist. News about UFOs appeared in the print media with enviable regularity. Therefore, to say with full confidence that the photos depict space ships of aliens impossible.

Then particularly interested in aliens in Germany. German ufologists have published their guesses in the hope of receiving support from colleagues from around the world.

At the moment the researchers of space is carefully studied obtained from the hermit photo. According to many users, ufologists once again faced with the falsification.

Старый отшельник передал исследователям фотографии крылатых НЛО


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