The official, who called the inhabitants of the Tulun “cattle” received a senior position in agencies


Чиновница, назвавшая жителей Тулуна «быдлом», получила руководящую должность в учреждени

The official, who called the inhabitants of the Tulun “cattle” received a leadership position in a cultural institution

The former head of the press service of the Governor and the government of the Irkutsk region Irina Aleshkevich that insulted the inhabitants of the impounded Tulun and was fired, found a new job. This time she will help to lead the state institution of culture, reports “the Fifth channel”.

Alashkevich September 23 took the position of Deputy Director for development of the Irkutsk regional state Autonomous cultural institution Architectural-ethnographic Museum “Taltsy”. New employer said that he hired to discredit the official “according to her professional qualities and work experience.”

“I believe her appointment to the post of Deputy Director of development qualified to perform their professional duties,” said Museum Director Vladimir Tikhonov.

Recall, Lashkevich said earlier that the victims of the flooding — the “pests” and their homes — a barn, she also accused them of subservience to the President of the Russian Federation.

“MK” has published the contents of the monologue: “When I was meeting with Putin, I haven’t been, the feeling of filth and nastiness. You know, I look at them I can’t. Starting with the fact that foremost came, two aircraft, one hundred people each. They have been, the next day they were in Magnitogorsk — that is, and went to the king to appease. He arrived there half an hour. People, all this bichena came — you should have seen how they are dressed! One came on the heels, in black and white socks. That hat she’s Wearing… God knows how, two years of education…..<…> Stood like a redneck, and they were ready with boiling water to wet myself with happiness.”

After that, Alashkevich resigned from the government of the region and stated that he plans to file lawsuits against journalists for distorting information about the incident. To the inhabitants of Tulun the clerk apologized.


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