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Чиновник с шикарными запросами

Notoriety Godunova Leonid Slutsky brought allegations of sexual harassment from three representatives of the media. This story, though, and caused a lot of noise, to any sanctions for the MP failed. But interesting details about his person surfaced a lot, writes “Novaya Gazeta”.


In the chair of state Duma Deputy Slutsky sits fifth convocation in a row, but special attention to his figure arose this spring, when three journalists said that the MP had assaulted them.

The Russian service Bi-bi-si was made public the transcript of the record upon which Leonid Slutsky offered the correspondent Farida Rustamova committing adultery, calling it “satuday”.

The Duma Commission dealing with ethical issues, recording, apparently, is not impressed. They said that they do not see any wrongdoing on the part of the MP. But the scandal, of course, attracted the attention of the media and journalists managed to find out many interesting facts about the life of a Deputy who was a lover to live in the “wide leg”.

According to the Fund of struggle against corruption, founded by Alexei Navalny, Leonid Slutsky for ten consecutive years, is leased a hectare of land Rublevsky, but the Declaration is not a word about it. Such a violation could lead to an early retirement, but Deputy stood up for the colleague of Natalia Polonskaya. She heads the Duma Commission, which controls the accuracy of the information on the income of parliamentarians. According to Poklonski, which occurred due to a “technical error”.

The FCO told us that the wife of Leonid Slutsky is the owner of a three-storey penthouse located in a luxury residential complex “Kutuzovskaya Riviera”.

Construction of the facility has been the company of Sergey Polonsky. A year ago, the businessman claimed that the penthouse was his gift to Slutsk for assistance in obtaining contracts. However, law enforcement officers, this statement is not interested.

Not so long ago in his conversation with journalists of the edition “the Snob,” the MP explained that prior to his political career he successfully engaged in business, which brought him sufficient funds to maintain the current lifestyle. However, if these words apply to the data of declarations of income, comes the paradox.

The earliest available records of the Slutsk dates back to 2006. A cursory glance is enough to understand about the infinite riches of the question.

At that time in the Bank at the ex-businessman was a little more than half a million rubles, the information on shareholdings, shares in companies or securities the Declaration no. As the only source of income for specified work in the State Duma.

It turns out that after 10 years, Slutsky was able with his wife to make expensive purchases, living only for the Deputy salary. The wife of the parliamentarian Lydia Lyskova, with documents of average annual earnings in 230 thousand roubles, bought a penthouse in “Kutuzovskaya Riviera” and two luxury car brand Bentley.

Leonid Slutsky has replaced its Mercedes-Benz Maybach. In addition, the family owns three apartments, a cottage on the ruble and, recall, rents land area in hectare!

However, the declared assets property Slutsk is not limited. The income and property of their relatives the Deputy is obliged to advertise on, and there is also a lot of interesting details. For example, possession of the eldest daughter of the parliamentarian – 27-year-old Irina.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Irina Slutskaya became a student of Moscow state University of Economics and statistics, a diploma in business is not went. It is known that until the middle of 2014, Irina worked as an assistant editor of the gloss, Harper sBazaar.

While in 2012, 21-year-old Slutskaya sat behind the wheel of his first car. They became the brand new Porsche Cayenne.

Two years later, under the data of Rosreestr, the assistant chief editor of the magazine managed to buy a two-storey house is located on Novorizhskoye highway in a luxury village “Millennium Park”.

The realtors called the settlement “Moscow-Venice”, because the whole village is surrounded by a network of man-made channels with pedestrian boulevards, resembling, as they say in advertising brochures, the streets of old Europe.

House Irina Slutskaya on the General background of the mansions stands out not so much. Construction area of 591 sq. m has a sloping roof with a glass panel in the center, on a plot size of 31 acres made a pretty discreet design.

According to a local realtor, the house built on a standard project Builder. The cost without finishing nearly 140 million rubles.

If we analyze the income Declaration Leonid Slutsky over the last decade, we can see that most of the money he received in 2015 to 5.5 million rubles, that is 458 thousand. This amount is ten times greater than the average salary of Russians. However, even so, the purchase of suburban cottages for my daughter he would have to save a quarter of a century, assuming that other spending will not.

Numerous requests about the property Slutsky left unanswered, his eldest daughter refused to talk with reporters.

Her former colleagues is not too happy talking about the person who Slutskaya, arguing that many I didn’t even know what position is her father. Irina recently married. If you believe the social networks, the country in the “Millenium Park” young family loves and constantly spends his spare time.


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