The nutritionist told us how to avoid overeating


It is not necessary to use a diet with severe restrictions.

In order to avoid overeating, you need a good Breakfast, not to sit on a hard diet to start eating healthy food, plan the menu and sleep well.

This was reported by well-known nutritionist Victoria Slander on his page in the Telegram. On the “strict diet” she meant, for example, coffee and a croissant for Breakfast, chocolate bar with the same drink for a snack, for lunch – salad and no dinner.

“This power you “lose weight”, and will lead to failure… a Perfect evening – just go to proper nutrition, clean food, which is deposited in the fat and gradually, but effectively, reduce weight,” wrote the Slander.

“Breakfast should be enough for four hours so that hunger doesn’t interfere and didn’t want to eat harmful food,” said nutritionist.

According to her, menu planning helps to improve the quality of food and low risk of obesity.

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“If people are chronically not getting enough sleep, it consumes in a day at 300-400 calories more than usual, often is sweets and pastries” – summed up the Slander.


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