The nutritionist called the most common mistakes dieters


What if the weight does not go away.

If the weight stubbornly refuses to decline — perhaps you allow one of these errors, writes the with reference to the news of Yu.

There are people who are sitting for years on diets or healthy eating, the extra weight is still with them. Why can be a situation, said nutritionist Natalia Koshkina on his page in Instagram.

She listed a list of the main reasons why you can’t lose weight.

Throwing and impermanence

It is the eternal girl, which change of diet, such as gloves. Instead of 1 time to learn an effective system and to live my life in a slim healthy body.

Many words, little action

Happy to talk on topics of healthy lifestyle, but further conversations business does not go.

Seeker magic pills

Teas for weight loss, detox, penny meal plans “one size fits all” (I want to cry when I see these plans…). And this against a background of misunderstanding of the basic principles of nutrition and how the body functions.

Eternal preparation for a happy future

To go to the gym…. I need to get myself in good shape. It’s like you know: can’t go in the shower, because first I need to wash.

Words with actions

“The gym and the dietician is very expensive,” she said, and went for a new IPhone. You can say all you want to that health and fitness your priorities. But the real priorities are what you spend your time and money.

Craving for advanced strategies without knowing the basics

Once a week fasting interval, week in the month — cycles of calories and carbohydrates. In other days — the gap in full.

Beginners learn beginners

For knowledge is not going to professionals, and to those who lost himself and now teaches others without having proper knowledge.


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