The nutritionist called the fundamental error during post


There are a useful addition to vegetable dishes.

To observe advent is not to go on the potatoes and pasta. The diet should be balanced and regular, it is impossible to abuse fast carbs.

Dietitian Anna Melnychuk called the most common errors and shared tips about how to eat in a post from the point of view of health benefits.

Melnychuk noticed that the lack of meat and other animal foods in winter diet may increase the feeling of hunger.

“Carbohydrates (cereals, vegetables) saturate worse than protein in conjunction with fatty foods milk, cheeses, eggs. So often I want to eat. And he begins to coachnet: every 1.5 hours to eat the nut, then dried. Calorific value is tremendous. Insulin jumps constantly. I.e. any positive effect there,” she said.

“If you decide to fast, you do not need to eat often, every half hour. You must be a full meal every 3.5-4 hours, “–said the expert.

According to Melnichuk, in each meal be sure to add something warm and vegetable fats – this will help the body to get enough.

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“This can be avocado, sunflower seeds, coconut oil…. For example, baked apples with pumpkin, you can add coconut. In the diet should not be solely carbohydrates” – recommended nutritionist.


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