The number of Russian satellites this year increased almost


Количество российских спутников в этом году почти не увеличилось

The state Corporation “Roskosmos” reported on the growth of the Russian orbital constellation of civil – as at the end of this year around the Earth flying 92 of the apparatus, but a year ago I said about the 91 satellite, therefore, the increase consists of a single satellite.

About 91 satellite in early 2019, said a report presented by Russia at the meeting of the UN Committee on the peaceful uses of outer space for peaceful purposes, – informs the Agency RIA “Novosti”. Of course, in addition to civil Russia has military satellites, but here the situation is almost the same.

General Director of “Information satellite systems named after Reshetnev” (enterprise “Roscosmos”) Nicholas Testoedov recently said that from September this year, the group of military satellites has decreased by two units and is 163 spacecraft. At the end of last year said about 156 Russian military satellites. Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, in charge of the military-industrial complex, said update group of military satellites actually disrupted, and in the current situation, understands the special Commission which on 20 January, will report to the head of state.


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