The number of oil wells in the U.S. dropped to the lowest level in 6 years


Количество нефтяных скважин в США сократилось до минимума за 6 лет

The number of wells, drilling of which is carried out for the purpose of oil production, declined significantly last week in the US amid falling prices for this fossil.

According to service company Baker Hughes, the number of wells fell last week to 467 at 31, this decrease was the highest in 10 months. A year ago the number of working wells was 1 140 thousand, informs”Interfax”.

Meanwhile, compared with the peak reached in October 2014, the number of wells fell by 71%, to its lowest in nearly 6 years.

Last Friday it became known that the number of drilling rigs for oil and gas around the world declined in January 2016 on a monthly basis by 78 units, or 4%, to 1891 Grand. In annual terms the number of such units fell by 1 thousand units 418, or 43%.

In particular, in Latin America the number of rigs decreased in monthly terms by 27 units, or 10%, and amounted to 243 pieces. The number of installations in the middle East decreased by 4%, or 15 units, to 407 units in Europe decreased by 6 pieces (5%) to 108 units.


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