The number of child soldiers fighting around the world


Названо число детей-солдат, воюющих по всему мируGirls are forced to marry fighters.

In armed conflicts around the world are fighting to 250 thousand child soldiers. It is reported by UNICEF on the eve of world day against use of child soldiers on 12 February.

Especially a lot of children are used by the parties in a protracted conflict in South Sudan, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. In addition, in Afghanistan, Mali and Myanmar girls and boys were used as child soldiers or helpers armed groups.

Not all children participate directly in hostilities. Many working messengers, preparing the food, gathering wood.

Some teenage girls are forcibly married to fighters. Other girls and boys are exposed to sexual violence. In extreme cases, children are forced to act as “human shields” or to undermine himself in the occupied territories.

UNICEF calls on all governments to pay more attention to combating child exploitation, especially in combat zones.


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