The Nokia X is waiting for a restart


The Chinese holding company Global HMD dug up in the depths of the history of the Finnish brand Nokia, which recently actively gets up from his knees, the Nokia X. This is the first Android phone from this manufacturer, however, the successful to call it that will not interfere with the HMD plans for its revival.

Indeed, if you believe the insider information, the smartphone Nokia X is waiting for her to return to the global mobile market, only in a much more modern package and with more current hardware. The original Nokia X we had a very colorful plastic case and a lurid appearance, and overall he looked like a bad series smartphones Lumia based on Windows Phone 8.

According to rumors, the similarities with these devices will be no more smartphone Nokia X in 2018 is credited with the unique design in a modern style. At the moment, all specs are kept secret, but to pull the intrigue for months, HMD Global did not planned the announcement of the phone scheduled for April 27 and will be held in China. In all likelihood, we will have the mid-level smartphone at a very attractive price, but its geographic distribution may have some limitations.


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