The Nobel laureate criticized the Big Bang theory


Нобелевский лауреат раскритиковал теорию Большого взрыва

The winner of the Nobel prize in physics 2019 James Peebles (James Peebles) has criticized the Big Bang theory the event, hosted in honor of Nobel laureates at the Swedish Embassy in Washington (USA). About it reported in a press release on

According to the scientist, the name “Big Bang theory” as it applies to ideas about the evolution of the Universe in the early stages of its existence, is totally inappropriate. In fact, cosmologists have little idea about the direct birth of the Universe, and it is incorrect to speak about some kind of tremendous explosion, says Peebles. Cosmologists are well aware of the history of the Universe, starting from the first seconds of its existence until the present time.

The processes taking place after what is called the “Big Bang”, left cosmological signatures, called fossils is presented (eng. fossils) by analogy with the ancient fossils. According to him, scientists can determine the conditions that existed in the early Universe. However, the birth of the Universe to the stage of its regular extension is described by theories that can’t yet be tested, for example, the inflationary model of expansion. At the same time, Peebles admits that the phrase “Big Bang theory” is already firmly established in scientific use, so he uses it.


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