The Nissan Leaf will earn money for its owners


More and more electric cars will have the function of reverse charging.

Nissan is testing in Australia electric Leaf with reverse charging. Cars can give energy.

The company have positioned electric vehicles as “a huge transportation batteries.” In Nissan believe that the reverse charging feature is very useful as it allows you to charge home on wheels and other electric cars, reports the online edition of the with reference to TSN.

The Japanese company claims that the reverse charge will allow you to earn owners of electric cars. They can sell power from their cars.

This approach is another way to receive passive income from the machines.

In Nissan believe that the least that can give reverse charging, this is a substantial savings on the electricity in the house. They propose to charge cars at night, during off-peak hours electricity use. And in the day, when electricity is in many countries more expensive to electrify the house from the car.

Now in Australia the planned tests of the technology. It is fully working and it is used in Japan.


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