The new version of the Nissan Leaf broke the record sales


Новая версия Nissan Leaf побила рекорд продажThe model increased the reserve

Nissan continues the development of “green” line. The Japanese automaker introduced the hatchback with extended range Nissan Leaf e-plus.

“Long-range” 62-kilowatt Nissan Leaf e-plus was launched in the market with its first special version, limited edition of which diverges at an incredible pace.

Called the whole event is the Nissan Leaf the e-plus 3.ZERO, limited edition consists of 5,000 copies, 3,000 of which have already been ordered. We are talking about 60% of pre-orders in about one month.

More than half of the eager buyers are in Norway – where at the end of 2018 Japanese electric car became the best selling car. How much will a car from the limited edition is not yet known.

Buy a Nissan Leaf 2 in the UK at least 21 990 GBP including subsidies in the amount of 4,500 pounds. At the same time, in Germany the cost of a new electric vehicle starts from $ 31 950 euros, excluding government rebates.


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