The new SUV has surprised the public with powerful features


Новый внедорожник удивил общественность мощными характеристикамиCar is called “the most powerful device with a V12”.

Brabus revealed its new project – a 900-horsepower car based on Mercedes G-Class. In the company of the novelty has been dubbed “the most powerful SUV with a V12”.

Whether this statement is true, hard to say. However, it is obvious that this is the most powerful off-roader Brabus, which has ever presented by the company.

The novelty is based on the Mercedes SUV-the G 65 AMG, which is equipped with a 6-liter engine producing 630 horsepower and 1,000 Nm of torque.

In the Studio increased the volume of the unit to 6.3 liters, replaced the crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and installed two new turbines together with other systems, intake and exhaust. The output of the motor increased by 270 forces, and maximum torque reached 1500 Nm.

First “hundred” Brabus 900 takes only 3.9 seconds – 1.4 seconds faster than the base Mercedes-AMG G 65. Maximum speed increased by 40 kilometers per hour to 270 kilometers per hour.

The SUV received:

a carbon fiber aerodynamic kit that increases the car’s width by 12 inches;
23-inch rims;
an electronically retuned the suspension;
uprated braking system;
two separate rear seats with a private entertainment system.
Recently, Brabus also provided the fastest and most powerful convertible in the world. How does the record – see this link.


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