The new President of Singapore’s first elected woman


Новым президентом Сингапура впервые избрана женщинаThe country was headed by 63-year-old Halima Jacob.

The first female President of Singapore became the 63-year-old Halima Jacob.

Previously Jacob was the speaker of the Parliament of the Malay community. She had to compete with four contenders. However, the names of two of them rejected at the first stage of submission. Under the law, participation in this campaign could only accept the Malays. In addition to them in Singapore, there are two communities – Chinese and Indians, representatives of which also occupy various high positions.

“The two other candidates withdrew from the race September 11, when failed to receive a certificate for the right to be elected. According to the rules, presidential candidates must be backed with the experience of public service or to lead the company, the capitalization of more than 500 million Singapore dollars ($371 million Adopted in June of this year the amendment only responded the candidacy of Jacob”, – stated in the message.

In the end, the only contender for the post of the President was Halima Jacob. In such a situation, according to the local legislation presidential elections are not held and the candidate is automatically declared the President.


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