The new MacBook Air and Pro has a new useful feature


В новых MacBook Air и Pro появилась новая полезная функцияThe new MacBook Air and Pro, new mechanism of protection against wiretapping

New MacBook Pro and MacBook Air at the physical level, disable the built-in microphones at the time of lowering of the lid.

This prevents the possibility of unauthorized eavesdropping by limiting the operation of malicious software like FruitFly, which activates microphones infected laptops, even if they are in the closed state.

Physically disconnect the microphones – this is the option, which is not enough modern devices. Due to the fact that they cease to be current, the user can be completely confident in their safety, knowing for sure that his conversation will not be overheard by third parties. However, since the disabling is done automatically, and the trigger for this was the closure cap, to deactivate the microphone when the computer is turned on, there’s no way that doesn’t eliminate the risk of wiretapping at 100%.

Mute microphone MacBook

Despite the logic of Apple’s actions to ensure the safety of users, it would be much better if the company is just beginning to equip their computers with the physical switch to deactivate the microphone.

Disable MacBook camera

It is interesting that in Cupertino have decided to just disconnect the microphones of the corporate laptops, but not their web camera. The company representatives explained this by the fact that in the closed state of the laptop cover 100% overlap field of view, thereby limiting the ability to conduct covert video or photographic images. However, if you are worried for their safety just like mark Zuckerberg, you can always just tape up the peephole camera is a small flap of thick electrical tape.


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