The new iPhone will not receive this year’s USB-C


Новые iPhone не получат в этом году USB-CApple remains one of the last opponents of the new port in the world of smartphones.

Sources claim that Apple is still not ready to go from the Lightning port to USB-C on the next-generation iPhone.

The company decided to leave the old connector and keep the profit from the sale of accessories.

Apple remains one of the last opponents of the new port in the world of smartphones, as most modern Android phones), use the new USB-C port for charging and data transfer. The reason why Apple insists on keeping the Lightning cable, is simple: money. The report asserts that Apple will benefit more from storage of accessories associated with Lightning, at least for a few more generations of smartphones.

However, the decision to keep the Lightning port on the iPhone looks very complicated, when you consider that almost every device Apple current generation, from the latest iPad Pro to Macbook and Macbook Pro replaced my old ports to replace on USB-C.

Apple has even contributed to the creation of the USB-C port, so it is strange that he continues to avoid using it on their flagship device. Moreover, Apple will match your device USB-A cable and 5W charger.

Thus, users will still have to shell out extra money for cable peripheral device which will allow them to connect their iPhone to their MacBook. Even the supplied headphones iPhone EarPods Lightning will remain incompatible with laptops.

The data on the USB-C port for iPhone contrasts with previous rumors when sources in the supply chain claimed that the USB ports,-C ready for iPhone 2019 model year.


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