The new bourgeoisie considers itself the heirs of the Russian intelligentsia


Новая буржуазия считает себя наследниками русской интеллигенции

There are studies that show that cultural norms in society is primarily determined by the elite. If you have boorish people with good persons who think themselves exceptional do not share egalitarian values and ready for their “make exceptions” to the rule, and expects the same in return, then we should not be surprised, how the other half lives.

The Oxford University press published a book by anthropologist Elizabeth Simplessl dedicated to the culture and identity of the “rich russians” (Rich Russians. From Oligarchs to Bourgeoisie). From the title clear that it’s not about “new Russians” got rich and escaped from behind the iron curtain, and about the stratum of Russian-speaking people with the condition who have learned some bourgeois habits, is easy to distinguish the Dutch cut of the suit from the Italian, versed in fine wines and oysters.

Simplessl interested in the first place, as rich russians explain the nature of his prosperity: unlike the European bourgeoisie of the status of Russians was not obtained by inheritance, and, of course, was earned through incredible hard work and unique skills. Wealth was created in the Soviet era and in different ways have found their beneficiaries since 1991.

The opening of the anthropologist is that the new bourgeoisie considers itself the heirs of the Russian intelligentsia and, accordingly, the keepers of the great Russian culture. This exceptional cultural status rich russians explain their wealth.

Accordingly, the less prosperous compatriots should be seen as a cultureless people, deprived of access to the great source of prosperity. Hence, as might be expected, takes a standard and so widespread in Facebook narrative about “rednecks” and the horrible manners of the Russian lower classes. If wealth is due to “rich inner world”, that poverty is due to ignorance and lack of culture. The myth about people with good persons is intended to explain social inequality.

Moscow culture hipsters, born to the beginning of “ten years” were to normalize this order of things, to make refined culture of rich russians available to a broader section of citizens who are concerned about the quality of their own good.

It is not surprising in this context that the Russian elites are the carriers of all the possible discriminatory ideology: sexism, racism, homophobia and the list goes on. These ideas are a particular case of looking at the world in which there is a privileged minority and the “lower classes”. In the book Simplessl the self-proclaimed heirs of the Russian intelligentsia flaunt the fact that they, unlike the politically correct Europeans have not lost the ability to speak the truth — like the incredible truth that a woman’s place is in the kitchen.


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