The neural network learned to create cartoons


Нейросеть научили создавать мультфильмы   A team of researchers uploaded to CRAFT over 25 thousand a three-second clips.

Scientists have successfully taught an artificial intelligence to automatically animate new episodes of the animated series “the Flintstones” with a text description. The development of experts engaged in the Institute of artificial intelligence Allen at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Washington, who created for his purpose neural network called CRAFT (Composition, Retrieval and Fusion Network — “the Composition, the search network”).

A team of researchers uploaded to CRAFT over 25 thousand a three-second clips that consisted of 75 personnel, reports the website of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Each of them contained a detailed description of who was in the scene and what is happening in it. After that CRAFT used the annotation from the video to determine compliance with the original clips for the words you have described them.

Subsequently, the algorithm produced a set of parameters that make it “understand”, what do the individual characters and objects from the cartoon. The neural network was able to create video clips based on the text data and to associate keywords with their position, background or actions.

While the algorithm always outputs something recognizable, but often he exactly imitates the style of the original cartoon. The main problem is the low practical usefulness of design. Specialists do a lot manually, so at the moment, to trust the work of professional animators easier.


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