The Network started pre-orders for the first Egyptian Nile smartphone model X


В Сети стартовали предзаказы на первый египетский смартфон модели Nile XEgyptian company Silicon Industries has introduced its first smartphone Nile X, created by its engineers. The product opened pre-orders of the first buyers of the gadgets will ship with the second half of January.

The world wide network appeared the photographs of the Egyptian Nile smartphone model X, the presentation was held in the online mode. It is reported that the novelty is you can pre-order, not only inside Egypt, but around the world. It is especially noted that the price for the smartphone is 4.2 thousand euros.

In the headquarters of the company said that customers who made pre-order the smartphone will receive a priority right to the first delivery.

Mohamed Salem, the President of the company SICO, said the call center has already received tens of thousands of calls from potential buyers, they all want to make a booking on the new device. Many people want to know the technical specifications and features purchase it in other countries.


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