The Network has shown tremendous exoskeleton Prosthesis


В Сети продемонстрировали гигантский экзоскелет ProsthesisThis is incredible!

Discipline “Mech Racing”, which literally translates as “mechanized racing” implies a contest of speed between the so-called actioncasino designs. Simply put, Mech Racing is a race unmanned robotic cars. Ten years ago such language would have sounded like an absolutely fantastic idea, however 2018 may be the beginning of the emergence of a real championship, which will be a giant mechanized system and deftly leash “iron monsters” operators.

Ambitious company Furrion surprised visitors of the exhibition pavilion, CES 2018 futuristic design, as if descended from the screen of a Hollywood blockbuster like “Pacific rim”. A terrifying, menacing kind of model “Prosthesis” is classified by developers from Furrion like “actionezi racing car”. Its mass is 3628 kg, and reaches a height of almost 4.6 m.

Giant sized exoskeleton Prosthesis is completely controlled by the person who is inside the structure is surrounded by a safety cage seat. In contrast to fully automated robots, for all the movements of the Prosthesis solely responsible operator-pilot, not simulating AI software algorithms.

The model is able to develop a Prosthesis that is suitable for the race area the speed to 32 km/h, and the four limbs will help to overcome encountered in the path of obstacles. Battery capacity of the exoskeleton will last about 60 minutes of continuous operation.

Guide Furrion outlined ambitious plans to promote similar exoskeletons in an entertaining format. For the realization of which they will be offered a full-blown championship piloted machines called X1 Mech Racing League. The Prosthesis in the role of pioneer in the development of a spectacular and highly original event.


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