The Network has shown how it will look restored Notre Dame


Has passed competition on reconstruction.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which was badly damaged during a fire in April 2019, will restore Chinese designers who won a special contest, reports the with reference to RBC.

Chinese designers have presented on competition, which initiated an independent publisher of books GoArhitest from Los Angeles, Paris project Heart Beat. In total the competition received 226 proposals from 56 countries. In voting participated not less than 30 thousand people. Chinese designers will also receive a prize of thousands of dollars.

In the project that won the competition, there are three main design point. The first is capsule TimeParis. The second is the urban kaleidoscope. And the third is mirrored by the roof of the Cathedral. In addition, designers have proposed to do instead of the burnt spire “magnetic levitation setup.”

“The new spire is memory, presence and hope of the people. Time capsule rhythmically moves up and down, breathes and beats with the city. The picture inside the tower of the spire creates a kaleidoscope of the city”, — explained the authors of the project.


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