The Network has listed an unexpected feature of different models of cars


Some cars are equipped with special devices.

Manufacturers often sell their cars interesting ideas. Some of these changes soon receive widespread while others are forgotten, reports the with reference to AutoNews.

We decided to recall the most interesting decisions ever implemented in passenger cars.

2014 Honda Odyssey built — in vacuum HondaVAC

Bringing order to the car — not the easiest job. Unfortunately, however, children and friends who often eat in the car, have a habit of littering of food and wrapper, which ultimately may lead to the emergence of pests and even rodents. To facilitate the task of cleaning the interior, Honda Odyssey in the United States were equipped with HondaVAC vacuum cleaner. Mini vacuum cleaner was installed in the baggage compartment of the minivan and connected to the onboard network.

1999 TVR Tuscan Door handle under the mirror

If you like hidden door handles, you will love the unique and creative door button in the car TVR Tuscan. Designers of the British company posted the button, opening doors for exterior rear view mirrors. This was done in the interests of aerodynamics.

BMW flashlight in the glovebox

We often throw things in the car, and it is hard to find something needed in the dark. In such cases, even ceiling ceiling is not very helpful, because their light is limited, and does not fall on the floor and in the numerous pockets. It was here that suitable portable flashlight. BMW realized this in the 1990-ies, when there were no cell phones with flashlight function. They have equipped their cars with portable lights that were placed in the glove compartment for cars like E36 3-Series.

Volkswagen Beetle vase

Volkswagen Beetle was one of the most iconic cars in the world. Several models of the first Volkswagen Beetle and even the car of the second generation was equipped with a flower vase mounted on the vent. However, some drivers also used it for storing pens and knick-knacks.

1997 Honda CR-V in the shower

Despite the fact that many SUVs have become more practical and modern, one cannot deny their growth practicality for city traffic. The SUV’s roots can be traced back to those times when durable and powerful machines are often used off-road. They were adventurers who, among others, used the car to travel over rough terrain and jungle safaris. Honda CR-V first generation had many features that made it a practical vehicle for long distance travel. One such feature was the shower, with electric, which consisted of a pitcher of water, hose, shower heads and 12-volt pump, powered from the onboard network.

2012 Fiat 500L coffee machine

The Fiat 500L ensures that you do not need to get out of the car to drink a Cup of coffee. The 500L customers can choose as an option the maker, which is conveniently located in the Cup holder between the front seats. Espresso machine Lavazza 500 can help the driver save time on the visit to the cafe.

1984 Toyota Van — Ice Maker

Toyota van 1984 not only help keep drinks cold on a long trip, but could also please the driver and all passengers ice cubes to make the drinks even colder.

The ice machine was located near the dashboard and cools the refrigerant. Of course, it is not known exactly how much spent time on freezing water, but it is really a fantastic feature for long journeys.


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