The Network has described the anomalies of the Siberian village


В Сети рассказали об аномалиях сибирской деревни The Okunevo village is famous for its weirdness.

In Muromtsevsky area of the Omsk region lies the village with a beautiful name – Okunevo. However, she became famous because of his “fishing” the name is practically the center of the anomalous zone.

The Okunevo village and the surrounding lakes

In the village itself from mouth to mouth passed the story that the anomaly here is first noticed immediately after the great Patriotic war. Just in 1945 the boys playing on the Bank of the river, suddenly saw the water appeared three women of tremendous growth. The kids rushed to the village to tell about this miracle adults. But they, sure thing, no one believed. However, in 1947 a local teacher once heard the sound of bells from the sky. Looking up, the woman was stunned: on the ground in the air flew the beautiful horses…

В Сети рассказали об аномалиях сибирской деревни

And then near the village of Okunevo such anomalies began to occur more and more often, for example, colored balls and a UFO in the sky for local residents have become so common that no they are not paying attention, unless the cattle have to hold at this point, which for some reason freaked out and scattered.

Maybe the reason for that mysterious lake surrounding the village? Four of them, but there is a legend that somewhere (probably in a parallel dimension) hid and fifth, and behold the mixture of fluid from all five lakes are supposedly able to buy a property is this fabulous “living water” – all ailments and misfortunes.

But while the mythical fifth of the pond nobody can find it, the healing properties attributed to the most mysterious lake named Satan. To him for healing water constantly visited by pilgrims from all over Russia and even from abroad. They say the water from this lake really helps with many diseases, even only being in this anomalous zone (why the pilgrims near Okunevo always make summer camp) harmonizes the human energy that promotes healing, and his spiritual enlightenment. That’s just the locals something are neither good health nor longevity, nor any great spiritual – ordinary village people.

В Сети рассказали об аномалиях сибирской деревни

However, the lake itself Satan – that’s another story…

Anomalies of the lake Shaitan near the village Okuneva
This might not be related to by the lake, namely the village, but pilgrims come here often for water and dirt of Shaytan. There is even a legend that the Siberian Shaitan-the lake hides the city of the giant Hanuman, which once helped the God Rama in his fight against evil forces (there are supposedly about this story in the Indian epic “Ramayana”). That’s why this legendary pond people come from all over the world and especially from India.

Happened here not so long ago a very interesting case. Came to it pilgrims-Hindus. In the morning they took the direction of the Shaitan-the lake by the compass and go. You need to go was about an hour. But our Hindus an hour, then two, and the pond is not. Yes and the forest is getting thicker and unattractive. In General, persistent pilgrims went so seven hours, but the lake is still not reached. Finally broke down (and got scared already), and turned again to the compass back – 20 minutes later returned to the village Okuneva.

В Сети рассказали об аномалиях сибирской деревни

But the locals are not very surprised this adventure: it turns out that sometimes it is better not to go beyond the village limits, particularly when the sky is tightened by a strange purple clouds. Sometimes that is not people returning from such trips, so Hindus are lucky…

Local hunters believe that somewhere in the breakout takes place in a parallel world, they say that all misfortunes. You can go here to poplulate in the mirror for a long time, sometimes a few days, but you can not go back at all. And “out there” guests often visited in our world: fishers are often seen in the snow the footprints of “Bigfoot” in length up to a meter (imagine this giant-humanoid!) Typically, such traces are drawn by a chain and suddenly… ends, as if the mysterious creature disappeared into thin air…

Video: Anomalies of the Siberian village Okunevo

Attempts to explain the abnormal phenomena of the village Okuneva
On the lake Shaitan appeared, scientists and independent researchers of paranormal phenomena with the goal to find the causes of the above anomalies. Academics, for example, ultimately determined that the wetland areas near the reservoir are cultivated specific bacteria from decaying marsh grasses and algae, and supposedly all this leads to accumulation (in calm weather) here are marsh gas, which causes hallucinations and fainting. In windy weather, poison gas can spread to cover the whole of this “anomalous zone”.

В Сети рассказали об аномалиях сибирской деревни

However, local residents did not believe in this theory scientists. Too simple and clear. And how to explain the same Yeti footprints that suddenly appear, suddenly disappear, orbs and UFOs in the sky, and all this is quietly shot on photo and video today (what bugs?) And how to explain the temporal and spatial gaps which are often get people (for example, the same Indians).

If returned, many disappear without a trace. So a hallucination can not explain it all, something completely different…


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