The Network has compared to Phone X and Samsung Galaxy S9+


В Сети сравнили Phone X и Samsung Galaxy S9+Test smartphones are handled without damage.

Experts have demonstrated on the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro comparative crash test iPhone smartphones X and Samsung Galaxy S9+. In the drop tests from the height of both the main mobile device of 2018 showed almost the same results.

For starters, the host of “dropped” the flagship with level pants pocket: once the phone fell on the floor side, and then flat. Test smartphones are handled without damage. The second test is the drop height and human growth iPhone X withstood, and his opponent cracks on the back. However, the legendary “ten” of the “Apple” manufacturer has the same fate as the Samsung S9+, when it dropped, raising the two-meter distance.

When falling face down displays two flagships were damaged: at X iPhone the screen was broken, and the competitor refused to respond to depression. Expert “finished off” smartphones, throwing from a height of three meters. According to testing for durability, both models were almost equally resistant.


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