The Network has a unique record of the movements of the Sasquatch


В Сети появилась уникальная запись передвижений снежного человека Video Bigfoot managed to capture in the Pennsylvania woods.

Foreign cryptozoology has received another entry with a picture of Bigfoot, taken a few years ago and referred to them just now. Presented below footage was filmed February 15, 2013, the American territory of Belle valley in Pennsylvania.

The author of the video wrote the researchers the following: “the day I decided to leave the house and walk along the railroad tracks passing near the forest. At some point I got tired from walking and went on the trail into the woods to find a tree stump or fallen tree and sit on it. After a while after I found a tree and sat down on it, I suddenly noticed a tall black figure standing about 30 feet from me. I pulled out my smartphone, which wanted to film the train, and began to record on camera the creature. I think it noticed me because it suddenly jumped up and ran to the left. Then it stopped behind a group of trees and ran in the opposite direction. Its speed was incredibly high, given the snow, branches and rocks on the ground. I soon lost him from sight. I honestly don’t know what it was. Won’t with certainty say that it was Bigfoot, but I can tell you that it was not human. I was very afraid that he will run in my direction, but this, fortunately, did not happen.”

American did not explain why he hid this record in almost five years, and why suddenly decided to share with her now. However, cryptozoology and other independent researchers mysterious creatures that periodically appear in our world, the reason is simple: people often do not believe not only my eyes, but even received photos and videos. For this reason, most of these records, not to mention the oral or written testimony, simply disappears. But sometimes witnesses mysterious events like “Wake up” and start to pull out old material to light by sharing it with the experts…


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