The Network got the first image of the Earth taken from the moon


В Сеть попал первый снимок Земли, сделанный с ЛуныThe first picture of the Earth from the moon’s surface, made 10 August 1966, was released today by NASA.

In August 1966 launched a program to study the terrain and more accurate generation of maps of the moon.

Moon Rovers Lunar Orbiter did around three thousand photographs, with the aim to study the map. With the collected data, NASA has determined where to land Apollo people on Board. The Rovers moved across the moon and at different points take a few snapshots. According to the source, NASA conducted this mission in conjunction with Langley. After 51 years, NASA has decided to show us the first picture from the Rover. They have done this on his page in the social network.

In addition to the Lunar Orbiter, NASA conducted several unmanned programs to study the topography of the lunar surface. At the same time, these unmanned programs are given accurate information and the scientists made them conclude that the spacecraft “Apollo” will be able to protect astronauts from dangerous in space sunlight. We will remind that on 21 July 1969 2 astronauts stepped on the lunar surface.

В Сеть попал первый снимок Земли, сделанный с Луны


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