The Network got pictures of the new seemedvery electric SUVs


В Сеть попали фото новых шестидверных электрических внедорожников The manufacturer revealed the characteristics of the new electric cars.

American startup Green4U presented two electric SUV. Car feature become three rows of seats and six doors.

One of the founders of a startup Green4U is the owner of the company on manufacture of sports cars Panoz – don Panoz.

Green4U MTU-6 and Enova is focused on the use of corporate parks. The machine is built on a modular aluminum platform and can pass on a single charge up to 368 miles.

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Yet other details about the technical equipment were not disclosed.

In addition, the platform of the SUV will also form the basis of future electric vehicles of the company, including the 8-door version of Enova. It is expected that delivery of the MTU-6 and Enova customers will begin in the second quarter of 2018.

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В Сеть попали фото новых шестидверных электрических внедорожников

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