The network got a video of the combat use of the most powerful guns


В сеть попало видео боевого применения самой мощной авиапушки

Jeep the Taliban was destroyed in Afghanistan district of Kandahar, on January 24, but the video just got today. Samostalna cannon GAU-8 is the most powerful tool in aviation. The impact of the shots is so great that the aircraft is significantly loses speed during shooting.

The operation involved the US attack A-10 Thunderbolt II designed to eliminate tanks and armored vehicles.


The car was attacked with 30-mm seven-barrel cannon GAU-8 Avenger Gatling scheme, which is considered one of the most powerful instruments of aviation.

Its rate of fire is 2100-4200 inv/min.

The force of the recoil when shooting so high that it leads to braking of the aircraft, especially when flying at high speeds.


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