The nephew of the Director of FSB became the owner of a controversial landfill


Племянник директора ФСБ стал владельцем скандальной свалки

Owner, OOO “Spring” Dmitry Bortnikov has acquired 75% stake in the company “Sound” — operator of the landfill near Volokolamsk near Moscow. According to sources, “Vedomosti”, the businessman is the nephew of the Director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov.

The transaction to purchase the “Sound” was not money. “The centre of waste treatment technologies” (CMPT) gave 75% stake in the company, receiving in return 16% “Spring”. The new owners of the landfill said that they are going to apply innovative technologies for waste treatment and landfill gas collection. It is known that “Spring” is the resident “SKOLKOVO”. The company plans to install an industrial installation for recycling.

A year ago, the residents of the city district complained of the unpleasant smell from the landfill “a Sound”. Then the fifty children were in the hospitals with complaints of feeling unwell. In June the administration of the Volokolamsk addressed the court demanding to stop the export of waste for MSW “Sound” and to reclaim the territory, however, the judicial authorities of their claims rejected. Last week, Volokolamsk city court has satisfied the petition of the RCDS about the arrest of land and equipment from OOO “Sound”. Against the company criminal case under part 2 of article 247 of the criminal code.

The old part of the landfill has ceased to accept debris on the new section “Sound” wastes continue to deliver. As stated by the head of the district Mikhail Shortcuts, polygon plan to close in the second half of 2020, and this year will be degassing it with new parts.


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