The National Interest of the USA predicts a global catastrophe


The National Interest предсказывает США глобальную катастрофу

The North American free trade agreement, which lasted almost two hundred years, can be destroyed. According to experts, this will lead to the inevitable severe economic and political consequences within the United States.

Global political disaster could overtake the United States in this century. The preconditions for this outcome can be traced now: relations between Mexico, Canada and the United States strained to the limit. The collapse of NAFTA, many experts seem like something inevitable that will happen sooner or later. In this case, Americans are losing not only economic ties, but also a unique stability of the region. As you know, now States – the only world power, on the borders where not there was a sufficiently significant military conflicts.

The tension between the neighbours of the North American zone is due to rigid trading position of Washington, which began to seriously annoy the neighbors. The inability of the US to conduct dialogue on an equal footing and attempts to achieve complete domination can lead to the decline of the American Empire.

The collapse of NAFTA will inevitably affect the state’s economy. At the moment the share of Canada and Mexico in the agricultural sector of the USA is too big. One-third of all U.S. production is exported to neighbors. According to leading automakers, the collapse of NAFTA will be the reason for mass layoffs. Nine million jobs depend on investment in Canada.

In addition, The National Interest and predicts the possible destabilization on the borders. The Mexicans want to reconquer their lands lost in the 19th century, and Canadians – to strengthen the independence, which is always accentuated.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada Chrystia Freeland sure to save NAFTA is almost impossible. She believes that new negotiations will not succeed, and by the end trump will say about the cancellation of the agreement. A period of calm in the US to be completed together with a historical document.

It is worth noting that this outcome can be considered as a kind of restoration of historical justice. For many decades Americans shook the atmosphere around the world, neighbors quarreled with each other.


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