The national Bolsheviks called Grudinina a traitor of the people


Национал-большевики назвали Грудинина предателем народа

Today in Nizhny Novgorod there was a scandal at a meeting with the candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation Pavel Grudinina. During the welcoming speech, which was addressed by the Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee Yuri Afonin several young men belonging to the National Bolshevik party (banned in Russia), got up from their seats and unfurled a banner with the inscription “Grudinin – a traitor of socialism, traitor of the people” than have entered into a state of shock many visitors to the meeting.

The event was held in the hall of DK “Railroad”, accommodating several hundred visitors. According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, Limonov have taken this step because they are ashamed that a candidate under the guise of socialist ideas in fact, actively engaged in Commerce and private business which is contrary to the ideology of communism.

“We are ashamed that such a candidate is not only concealed by socialist ideas, but powders brains of ordinary voters Nizhny Novgorod, – has confirmed the publication of the former member of the NBP (banned in Russia) Michael Poulin. Is Grudinin “selected” in the 90s, land farm, then sold them to private companies, and all profits remained with him. What is socialism? What his “nationality” as a candidate? We are here tonight to say that not all “leftists” support Grudinina, moreover, we will continue to advocate that the capitalist is not powdered brains of people”.



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