The names of twins Beyonce


American stars Beyonce and JAY-Z gave their babies unusual names that have already had patented.

Singer Beyonce and her husband rapper JAY-Z named their twins Sir and Rumi. About it with reference to sources close to the couple according to the portal TMZ.

Speculation by insiders based on the documents that Beyonce and JAY-Z filed June 26, to have all the rights to those names.

The papers were filed by the same company, from which stars of show business worked, when tried to register the name of his eldest daughter, blue ivy as a trademark.

Now, under their names, parents will be able to produce cosmetics, toys, clothes and many other things.

Also in the press note that Rumi is the name of a poet of the thirteenth century, and why star parents decided to name one of the twins Sir – is still a mystery.


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