The myth of bitcoin: who and how balloons are inflated quotes cryptocurrency


Миф о биткоине: кто и как раздувает завышенные котировки криптовалют

In early December the most popular version of bitcoin broke a new record, finishing in fifth place in the world in terms of capitalization rates. According to bitcoin surpassed the British pound, the Russian ruble and the Swiss franc going into the pool 25 of the five currencies in the world. Attractive quote bitcoin is designed to warm up the interest of the British, and with them global investors to the virtual currency. However, in the new history of bitcoin hidden cunning scheme that negates the illusory effect of its financial growth.

According to the analysis of the known Russian economist Valentine Katasonova, listing of bitcoin is prohibitively high, since the comparison against the world’s major currencies were made in relation to their cash money. However, it is a smaller part of national monetary reserves, which are now stored in the form of Bank deposits. For example, in Russia the “cash” in the total money supply is only 20%, and in Sweden and does a few percent.

In addition, the chronological indicators, taken British business website for comparison, not correct. If bitcoin was assessed his current capitalization (as of early December 2017), the national currency was assessed according to data for the end of 2015 (from a report by the Bank for international settlements in September 2016). Growth quotes bitcoin was not under the laws of the money market, as a result of gambling and gaming – due to emission and due to the runaway increase in the prices of the cryptocurrency.

In seven years of existence of bitcoin is its market capitalization has increased by 100 thousand times, with $ 1 million in 2010 to $ 100 billion at the end of 2016. A week ago, the market capitalization reached 260 billion at a price of 15 thousand dollars for one bitcoin. In the ranking of 25 of the world’s leading currency bitcoin took fifth place, behind the United States dollar (1,424 billion), Euro (1,21 billion) yuan (1 billion) and yen (0,856 billion). If huge growth rates continue, then in the first half of 2018 bitcoin will overcome a threefold break with the yen, and by the end of the year will exceed even a dollar.

However, before doing linear mathematical calculations, do not forget that cryptocurrencies are not money, but rather a tool for traditional currencies, and therefore are closer to the financial instruments exchange. And here, bitcoin is only in ninth place, sharing it with the American Bank Wells Fargo. In first place is Apple with a market capitalization of 600-700 billion dollars, in second place – the Alphabet (the successor to the Google Inc.) with a market capitalization of 500-600 billion dollars. Followed by Microsoft Corporation, Exxon Mobil Corporation, investment Fund, Berkshire Hathaway, Facebook, Amazon, General Electric.

However, because of the crazy growth of bitcoin can compete in the market of speculation even to the giants of Silicon valley. In addition, the potential of cryptocurrencies in the list of top 25 Supplement ethereum, bitcoin cash, IOTA, ripple, litecoin, who took 17th, 20-21-th and 23 and 24-th place in the ranking of world currencies with a total capitalization of 305 billion dollars. However, the future of cryptocurrencies, primarily bitcoin, will depend on the purchasing power punters. When it is exhausted, virtual debt pyramid will collapse, causing damage to the national monetary system.

In fact, that is the ultimate goal of a record history of bitcoin after the collapse of the virtual bubble, to approve the leadership of well-established currencies. Given that in the first place is the dollar, the origins of money cryptory is found in the bowels of the fed, concerned with using a virtual dummy to keep the lead of the American currency in the era of irreversible US decline.

However, we cannot exclude a secret game famous British cryptographers, because after the victory trump the United States entered the conflict with Britain in the middle East. It is not excluded that due to the artificially created frenzied growth of bitcoin financiers of London city tend to dump major American companies to attack the petrodollar. Anyway, any game with cryptocurrencies fraught with turbulence in the global financial market and are a tool of geopolitical influence.


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