The mother of Sergei Lazarev stood up for the son


The woman advised the haters to be interested in the work of the singer, not his personal life.

Personal life 35-year-old singer has been for many years considered a taboo subject for the public and kept secret. Because of this, Lazarev repeatedly resisted criticism. And after a surrogate mother gave birth to Sergei’s son, Nikita, fans became even more critical of the artist.

The Lazarev published in his Instagram a photo of yourself and son in the same way and in the same overalls, who kept his mother. Under the post members showered the singer comments.

Haters started once again to criticize the personal life of Sergey Lazarev, leaving vulgar and obscene comments. However, this time the son joined his mother Valentina.

“To have a dialogue with people who are living someone else’s life, waiting for some negative events in these lives to enjoy, and if a positive event, then pour all the bile, to absorb energy – it makes no sense! I feel sorry for these people – poor, under-loved”.

“I am happy mother and grandmother, and what you want, if you will. Yeah, he’s a media man. Here and follow his work, not pants, people go to concerts, certainly not because of his personal life, and to enjoy music and singing,” wrote the woman.


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