The mother of Oleg Deripaska found property in billions


У матери Олега Дерипаски нашли недвижимости на миллиарды

Billionaire Oleg Deripaska has designed the property to billions of rubles for his mother, 79-year-old pensioner Valentina Petrovna Deripaska. She, in particular, owns several apartments in Moscow, the estate on the ruble, and the coastal complex in Krasnodar region, journalists found a “Buddy.” The publication emphasizes that the information on real estate registration (as well as yachts and offshore companies) are taken from public sources and private family life is not affected.

According to “Source”, Valentina Deripaska owns a “Second home”, which was the estate on the ruble. “In Golden acres Hills-2 grew up thousands of square meters of real estate, which can cost more than 2 billion rubles,” – considered newspaper.

The company “Second home” was in an office building in Central Moscow, which is “the First office” also belongs to the mother Deripaska and it cost almost 300 million rubles.

In addition, Valentine Deripaska through the company “betta” (registered in Gelendzhik on the street Cultural Gap) and owns a mansion in the Krasnodar region. Previously the estate was the house, and only the coastal building complex, pull in inventory by half.

In Moscow, the mother of the oligarch “the Source” found three apartments. The chic – 834-foot penthouse at 15 rooms cost about a billion on Ostozhenka. Also in its ownership 177-foot apartment near triumph square on Tverskaya street and 170 sqm on Sretensky Boulevard. The cost of the two apartments is estimated at 300 million rubles.

Last fall, American journalists found out that he Deripaska as the owner of an expensive mansion in Washington, DC. This property is literally surrounded on all sides by the homes of influential politicians and diplomats.


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