The most useful fruit to cleanse the kidneys


Назван самый полезный фрукт для очищения почекNamed the beneficial properties of melon.

Melon contains many vitamins and minerals, and also has a slight diuretic effect, so gently puffiness and even speeds up metabolism .

This was announced by the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

According to the doctor, the melon is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, and its minerals have a positive effect on almost all body systems.

“Melon are valuable not only for taste and aroma, this is a really useful product, besides melon seeds possess not less pronounced healing properties. For example, to cleanse the kidneys of fresh melon seeds can be infused in warm boiled water for several days, after which regularly accept several times per day. This is an excellent tool for “flushing” of the kidneys and getting rid of excess fluid in body tissues, and as a result, swelling,” – said the expert.

As you know, chilled melon fine saves from thirst in the heat and saturates the cells with moisture and trace elements. It restores the water-acid balance in the body.

Melon also prevents stone formation, improves liver and gall bladder.

“Seeds of the melon can also be used for rehabilitation and strengthening of the hair. The simple recipe: lightly boil the seeds in enough water and add some whole milk or a few tablespoons of olive oil. Allow the mixture to cool and apply to face in thick layer. This mask is practically worthless, but perfectly strengthens hair and gives them a healthy Shine. Melon pulp is recommended for the preparation of face masks that tighten the skin and give it a glowing look, in addition, relieve bruises under the eyes and minor irritation”, – concluded the doctor.


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