The most unusual types of ancient weapons


Самые необычные виды древнего оружия

It is believed that the evolution of weapons began with the primitive tools of the primitive man. At some point in history, the ancient people began to use sticks and stones for protection from wild animals. Later these items people have started to use to hunt animals, according to

With the development of civilization people began to use weapons for offense and defense from their own kind. In ancient times, in different countries, on different continents, appeared a rather unusual weapons.

Japanese fighting ring “Kakuta” is considered non-lethal weapons. Its design was simple enough. The metal ring, worn by the warrior on the thumb and middle or index finger, was pricipales or welded of 1 to 3 spikes.

Usually rings are worn spines inside the palm. They served to capture and hold the enemy. If the ring on the finger of the unfolded edges to the outside, it was like a sharp sting.

The ancient Aztecs popular was “macuahuitl” – flat wooden stick with an attached along the edges of the pieces of obsidian. These fragments of volcanic glass were pretty solid and sharp.

In ancient Egypt, soldiers were often armed with “chopasani”. This kind of bladed weapons had a Crescent shaped blade. It is in its form and functional characteristics was between axe and sword.

The Roman Gladiator popular was “scissor”. A weapon with a length of 40-45 cm was worn on the hand and forearm. It was like a prosthetic arm ending edge with a semicircular shape. Something like that was legendary and a pirate hook.

The knights of the middle Ages in the Arsenal was the “Morgenstern”. It was a weapon with crushing shock deystviem. It was made in the form of a studded Mace or the handle attached on a short chain disc.

For the defense of the fortress walls used to “kusarigama”. It was a sickle with a blade up to 20 cm to half a meter in the handle which the chain was attached to the shock load.

Ancient Chinese “swango” – a sword with a curved in the form of a hook tip. Garda hilt was made in the form of a sharpened sickle, and its finial (tip – approx. ed.), resembled the edge of a knife. This type of weapon is given the opportunity to fight at different distances.

In the middle Ages, the Byzantine Navy was the first to use “Greek fire”. A combustible mixture erupted from copper siphon under the influence of compressed air. Most often, for his discharge used bellows.

As suggested by the military researchers, the range of such weapons did not exceed 30 m. But attack slow wooden ships this setup was very effective.


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