The most unusual in the world of limousines. Photo


Самые необычные в мире лимузины. ФотоA limousine is a very interesting vehicle, is not available to every person.

To afford such a car itself can not all wealthy and high-status people. Little things (in any case, the material sense) so I stress it is a person’s status as a limousine. Today we will talk about the most unusual, outlandish limousines that have just seen the light.

1. GP Limo

Самые необычные в мире лимузины. Фото

Unique limousine racing limousine, or the “Formula 1” was designed by canadian enthusiast Mike Pettipas. This limo car is able to accommodate up to 7 people. According to canadian law, the machine cannot be released into serial production, and therefore it is experimental, does not forbid the owner to rent it out.

2. Superbus

Самые необычные в мире лимузины. Фото

Incredible hybrid supercar, limousine and bus with a length of almost 15 meters. The creators of this monster firmly believe that public transport often is too boring. Driven Superbus, by the way, a motor with a peak capacity of 816 HP This makes it the fastest limousine and the fastest bus from existing. Constant speed of the limousine is 250 kmh.

3. American Dream

Самые необычные в мире лимузины. Фото

Widely known limousine American Dream were created specifically for filming and to date, continues to hold absolute Guinness world record as the longest vehicle. Its length – 30.4 metres. Built this limousine was customizerhome Jam Orberga in the early 80-ies of XX century. The machine 26 wheels. Inside also there is a small pool and Jacuzzi. What is really there, in the back of the machine has its own helipad.

4. The Batmobile Limousine

Самые необычные в мире лимузины. Фото

Limousine “the Dark knight”, which was issued in 1989 and 1995. As you might guess, the machine is made in the style of the famous superhero of the company’s DC – Batman. In one such limo is about 4 million US dollars.

5. Ferrari 360

Самые необычные в мире лимузины. Фото

A hybrid of a limousine and a sports car that shows off not only an incredible design but also because of its ability to develop a record speed for its class of car, namely 265 kmh the Car got into the Guinness book of records as the longest Ferrari. By the way, created the car was illegal without the consent of the management company.

6. Lamborghini Aventador

Самые необычные в мире лимузины. Фото

Another unique limousine, created on the base of Lamborghini Aventador. As in the original driving experience in the limousine open up the door-gulls. That’s the only difference from the original these doors here just four. The machine complies with the “Suite” class has its own bar. The machine runs on a V12 engine.

7. Hummer H2 Transformer

Самые необычные в мире лимузины. Фото

And so it is not a car, but a real club on wheels, designed for 24-30 people! Neon lights, mirrored ceiling, starry sky, a smoke machine, a few bars – there is literally everything. The height of the car allows you to move about inside standing up, without bending your back.

8. Midnight Rider

Самые необычные в мире лимузины. Фото

The largest and the heaviest limousine in the world according to the Guinness book of records. Machine length – 21 meters, and it weighs no joke 25 tons. In essence, the limousine is the trailer to the towing vehicle. The body has an area of 42 sq. m. it is Created from stainless steel. Worth limousine on 22 wheels with independent brakes. Interior of limousine are made in the style of the presidential carriages of 1870. Inside the limo-trailer three fully equipped function rooms! You can shove this monster up to 40 people.

9. Cadillac – The Beast

Самые необычные в мире лимузины. Фото

A new model of presidential car, created specifically for Donald trump. The car had significantly raised the already high level of protection. The feeling that brand new model was designed specifically to work in harsh conditions. The machine is capable of withstanding an explosion of anti-personnel mines and land mine, and the glass can withstand the fire of heavy machine gun. Inside the machine even has a fridge with a stock of blood for emergency transfusion.

10. Mercedes 300 TD – X2

Самые необычные в мире лимузины. Фото

One glance at this eccentric limo in order to think as if it travels alone Marty McFly! In fact it is not one, but two Mercedes welded together. Created machine was a designer-lover Anti Rachko spent on creating this car for almost 10 years. In the car to accommodate up to 10 people, it mirrors 36 and 86 headlights. To create limousine used parts from 40 different cars.


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