The most unusual festivals from around the world


Самые необычные фестивали со всего мираHere tourists will find plenty of adventure.

In Asia and Europe, annually hosts dozens of festivals. In search of new experiences people have shown ingenuity and came up with unusual festivities. The collection of the wildest festivals that may surprise even the most experienced.

The festival of the pig

August morning on a makeshift village stage, there is a Frenchman in a pig costume, lays down on the floor, undoes the buttons on her belly and takes out a toy pig. All this is accompanied by cries that the animals produce during childbirth. This action is only a part of the festival La Pourcailhade in trie-sur-Baïse in France.

Самые необычные фестивали со всего мира

Participants compete in three contests: best costume, best Cri do Cochon (“the cry of a pig”) and pig races. During the first of these people dress up the most subtle ways that most resemble the pigs. In the second contest up on stage and reproduce the various sounds made by pigs in different periods of life: from mating to birth. The third little piggies race to rush on the treadmill.

The festival of the living dead

At 10 am on a July day near the Catholic Church of San Jose, a crowd of Spaniards dressed all in black. Their faces in grief, and carrying handkerchiefs. From the corner take out the coffins. But instead of zombies there are living people. The crowd goes wild, mournful mood gives way to smiles, handkerchiefs thrown into the air.

Самые необычные фестивали со всего мира

The main characters of the festival of St. Martha, in Galicia be the lucky ones who were on the verge of death but managed to survive. In the coffin lies with everyone who suffered a fatal disease or accident: accident, fell off a cliff or nearly drowned in the sea. So the Spaniards, who in the last 12 months managed to outwit death itself, I thank fate and the gods for a second chance.

Foot wrestling

Plenty of fun the usual ways, visit one of the bars of an English Derbyshire decided to have fun: men in staged wrestling. But that’s the only wrestling instead of hands it went feet. Under the approving laughter of the fans, the athletes grappled feet to measure strength of foot muscles.

Самые необычные фестивали со всего мира

World Toe Wrestling Championship has become an annual event and takes place in Ashbourne, United Kingdom. This year the battle will take place on June 22 at seven in the evening.

“Hop devil”

In the Spanish village of Castrillo de Murcia, whose population is only 500 residents, religious parents chose a rather unusual way of christening their newborns. Festively dressed babies that were born over the past year, the ranks of lay on mattresses in the street. They move a crowd dressed in the devils men in red and yellow suits and fancy shoes. They are waving sticks and beating on the feet of all who, in their view, are not righteous enough. Reaching the goal, “devils” jumping over the babies, thereby cleansing them of original sin.

Самые необычные фестивали со всего мира

Jumping over children, or El Salto del Colacho, held every year since 1620. The Catholic Church many years struggling with the organizers of the ceremony, but all efforts failed. Today El Salto del Colacho turned into a festival. This year’s “hop devil” will be held June 3 from six to eight in the evening and will continue festivities with wine, music and dancing. According to local inhabitants, no child had never suffered.


11 am in city hall starts with a firework. On the streets, drive the trucks, loaded with tons of ripe tomatoes. The Spanish residents of Buñol in the race to catch it scattered over the square red “ammunition” to run one of them to the neighbor. Starts long-awaited “Tomatina”, a two — hour battle, which turns the town along with its inhabitants in a tomato mush. The task is to run under a hail of tomatoes and shelling them anyone who gets in their eyes.

Самые необычные фестивали со всего мира

The celebration of the “Tomatina” is held at the end of August (2018 — August 29) in Bunyola and end universal bathing in tomato juice.


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