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Самые необычные в мире аэропорты. ФотоFor them to go on a trip.

People are able to create amazing things, especially when it comes to building something really big and impressive. For example, the airport. The world a lot of so-called “air gates”, but airports with a really interesting design, design and design not much. In this review, the most striking and interesting.

1. The Airport Of Mestia

Самые необычные в мире аэропорты. Фото

Very small airport of Mestia.

Mestia is not a very large settlement in the Georgian Svaneti. This place has great tourism potential, due to its nature, rich history and cultural heritage. Until recently, to learn the secrets of this place was extremely difficult due to the lack of infrastructure.

Solved this problem a small airport, which was developed by German architects Studio J. Mayer H. Architects. The complex was modern, meets all modern tendencies and trends. The architects managed to emphasize the building the distinctive culture of the Svans.

2. Airport Amman

Самые необычные в мире аэропорты. Фото

Similar to the Bedouin camp this airport of Amman.

From the height of bird flight airport Queen Alia is reminiscent of a cluster of Bedouin tents. Until 2013 it was under reconstruction. The project was planned by the Studio Foster + Partners under the personal supervision of architect Norman foster, one of the most authoritative to date and is known for its careful attitude towards the local traditions. In particular, he proposed to withdraw this project from the traditional “light buildings” in favor of heavier concrete structures. This is done including in order for the building easier to carry Jordanian changes in temperature.

3. The Airport Of Madrid

Самые необычные в мире аэропорты. Фото

The Madrid airport looks nice.

The new terminal of the Madrid airport was opened in 2006. In the same year the complex received international recognition from passengers and architects. Were built terminal designed by Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers. It has a simple linear architecture. The roof forms a dome that lets in soft light. The length of this terminal is 2 mile.

4. Airport San Francisco

Самые необычные в мире аэропорты. Фото

The bet is placed on natural light in San Francisco.

The second terminal of the airport of San Francisco was recognized as the cleanest from an environmental point of view. This is certified LEED Gold and is largely consistent with the spirit of the rest of the city. The building was designed by the specialists of the Agency Gensler. During the construction of the terminal was widely used secondary materials. Big bet in the complex is on natural light and ventilation.

5. Wellington Airport

Самые необычные в мире аэропорты. Фото

Wrong pyramid Wellington airport.

This new Zealand airport was designed by specialists of the agencies Warren&Mahoney and Studio Pacific. Complex is like no other in the world. We can say that the design of the terminal forms an irregular pyramid with lots of planes and rock beams passing at the nodal points. The building as if sheltering the occupants from the hustle and bustle on the street.

6. Denver Airport

Самые необычные в мире аэропорты. Фото

Looks like a camp of Indians, Denver airport.

This airport is one of the main attractions not only of Denver but all of Colorado. The silhouette of the building in unexpected ways reminiscent of the traditional dwellings of the Indians. There are a lot rooflights, through which the inside of the building light. This was done not just. According to statistics from Denver’s 300 days of a year are Sunny. This feature and decided to use architects.

7. Singapore Airport

Самые необычные в мире аэропорты. Фото

When nature prevails over man.

Finally, attention is given to the Changi airport. This is a wonderful example of how nature is able to prevail over man, despite everything. At the time this airport has collected various awards for best landscape design. It harmoniously combines the jungle man of steel, glass and concrete jungle of nature. So, on one of the walls of the airport there was a real vertical forest!


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