The most terrible weapon of the Soviet Union against the United States


Наиболее страшное оружие СССР против США

Experts told about the most dangerous weapons of the Soviet Union, which was to destroy the enemy due to the extensive tsunami. Such a blow at the enemy is much more effective compared to nuclear weapons.

The atomic bomb after using for a long time infects the territory . Nuclear weapons need to get to the place where the enemy is. A missile or aircraft with a warhead can be shot down, and the submarine to flood. At the same time, the explosion of the atomic bomb on the ocean floor creates a wave height of a few hundred meters. Such a tsunami would wash away coastal towns immediately. Such a wave cannot be stopped by either using the PRO or the Navy.

Controlled experiments on tsunami conducted by American scientists before the tests of atomic weapons. All the experiments on the creation of rogue waves was known in the USSR. After the start of the Cold war, there was a problem of delivery of nuclear warheads into enemy territory. The explosion of a thermonuclear charge on the ocean floor would be raised a wave with a height of 500 m. it was Proposed to hold a few explosions with capacity of 100 MT. So said Soviet scientist Andrei Sakharov. The then leadership of the Soviet Union this was good.

Sakharov had planned to arm the Soviet nuclear submarine torpedo with a charge of 100 MT. Its explosion near the enemy coast would have led to the emergence of the tsunami disaster. The project implementation started in 1954. The torpedo had a length of 24 m and weight 40 tons. Its speed under water up to 40 km/h. At the same time, the submarine with the crew, the enemy would be found and destroyed. It was decided about the transformation of a torpedo in the bomb. Its explosion would have happened on the orders of the command of the USSR.

A little later, the Soviet military experts opposed the nuclear torpedo T-15. Scientists pointed out all the danger of the destruction of the ocean floor because of this powerful bomb. The military were against the project due to the fact that he served to destroy civilians. Nikita Khrushchev canceled the installation on submarines of torpedo T-15.

At the same time, the USSR continued tests of thermonuclear weapons. In 1961 tested a bomb with a capacity of 50 MT on the New Earth. The explosion of a thermonuclear bomb called “gruel” has become the most powerful in history.


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