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Perfect place for introverts.

Surely many of you ever thought to drop everything and go live in some suburbs. But seriously, could you live on top of a mountain, at the bottom of the Grand canyon or on the island, so small that it can’t even get the planes? Meanwhile, people live in even more improbable places.

Tristan da Cunha-the most remote from the nearest part of the land inhabited island on the planet. Their nearest neighbours are almost 2 000 kilometres away in South Africa and to South America and did about 3000 kilometers. However, it is home to at least 297 people, and they are all descendants of 15 people — 8 men and 7 women, arrived on the island between 1816 and 1908. The island is only 8 surnames and about 80 families.

On Tristan da Cunha, because of its isolation, its own English dialect. They have their own Island Council consisting of 11 members. The Islands can only be reached by boat — fishing vessels from South Africa staying here 8 or 9 times a year. In 2000, the forces of the BBC on the island finally appeared television.

On the way to La Rinconada you can stop enough oxygen — this is the highest settlement in the world located in the Peruvian Andes at an altitude of over 5,000 meters. And is La Rinconada is not even on the top of the mountain and on the top of a frozen glacier. To reach this settlement Gorenkov can only be on the truck, and is home to approximately 30 000 people.

Greenland, with a population of 57,000 people in itself is a very remote place. But Illoqqortoormiut is still the most distant part of it. This small fishing and hunting village located on the Eastern coast of the island just North of Iceland. Lives in Illoqqortoormiut about 500 people, and to get here by boat for only three months per year due to glaciers. The airport is approximately 40 kilometers and is used very rarely.

The Kerguelen archipelago is also called “deserted Islands”. It is located in the South Indian ocean, and the only way to get it is to spend 6 days on the boat coming from the island of Reunion near Madagascar. Scientists and engineers come to the archipelago and live here for a year because of its proximity to Antarctica.

Alert, a remote village in the canadian province of Nunavut, is just 750 kilometers South of the North pole. All year round it is home to only 5 people, probably due to severely low temperatures. Here in summer the sun shines 24 hours a day, and in winter, by contrast, is dark all the time. The closest area of civilization — a fishing village about 1 800 kilometers. In the Alpine there is the airport used by the military, but because of zwergholdrio climate to do it turns out very rarely.

One of the most remote inhabited places, oddly enough, is in the USA. In the town of Supai, Arizona, home to only 500 people. A feature of the town that it is located on the bottom of the Grand canyon. Here is so difficult to get that mail is delivered by mule. Supai really easy not to notice — during census 2000, the town simply missed.

Consisting of a heap of tiny Islands archipelago Pitcairn is located in the heart of the South Pacific. Coming from neighbouring Islands are hundreds of kilometeres. Population is about 50 people, most of them are descended from crew members of His Majesty’s Ship the bounty, ended its rich history on Pitcairn.

Medog County in the Tibet Autonomous region of China is so small and distant that it is not even no way. To get to it it is necessary through the Himalayas, and to enter — using the suspension bridge at a height of over 200 meters. However, the trip is clearly worth it. Medog known for unspoiled natural beauty. To build the road here, spent millions, but all attempts were in vain due to avalanches, landslides and other natural disasters. One of them built highways and does worked only a few days until it was washed away in the woods.

Macquarie island is about halfway between Tasmania and Antarctica, and is therefore ideal for Australian scientists. 20 researchers living here together with their equipment and constitute the entire population of the island.

Residents of the Republic of Nauru — the smallest island nation in the world, with a population of 10,000 people. Known as “pleasant island”, Nauru, however, has almost no tourist industry. To get here, first you need to fly to Brisbane Australia, and then take a flight to Nauru, which flies once a week.


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