The most mass attack of crocodiles on people


Назван самый массовый случай нападения крокодилов на людей One night was eaten over a thousand people.

People constantly suffer from these evil, cunning, and very bloodthirsty predators. It is even that of a crocodile, unlike all other wild animals, cannot be tamed, so this is the devil’s work.

However, individual cases of friendship between man and crocodile still had a place in history, on our website you can find an amazing story about it, but such, as they say, the great exception to the rule. Often it’s just the opposite…

But the most popular people eating crocodiles marked the night from 19 to 20 Feb 1945. It happened during the Second world war.

As you know, 14 January 1945, Burma began operation under the name “Matador”. In those days the British landed troops on the island of Rempi with the aim of capturing the airfield and port, which were North of this piece of land. The island was guarded by the Japanese garrison, which gradually was driven to the army of the United Kingdom inland.

Until the 19th of February, there were fierce battles after the Japanese were forced to flee South, trying to connect with their allies. The British did everything possible to make their opponent began to retreat through the ominous mangrove swamps, Rampy. Mosquitoes, snakes and Scorpions, of which the Isle was enough, soon the Japanese will seem a mere trifle.

In the night from 19 to 20 February they were attacked by an enemy far more terrible even than the British troops – ridge crocodiles, and they are here in the swamps was so much that as a result of night attacks by these predators killed more than a thousand people. All these accidents were just eaten by the bloodthirsty reptiles.

After that terrible feast alligators, the British captured only three officers and 22 soldiers, and they were badly bitten by the crocodiles.

Назван самый массовый случай нападения крокодилов на людей
Назван самый массовый случай нападения крокодилов на людей


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