The most foul-smelling celebrity in the history


Самые дурно пахнущие знаменитости в истории

The selection of the most “smelly” celebrities in history…. Самые дурно пахнущие знаменитости в истории 1. St. Benedict Anansky. Giving their own “original” interpretation of the teachings of St. Joseph, representatives of Catholic monastic clergy (at least most of the so-called Chernetsov) in the eighteenth century considered swimming (if the water immersion was not associated with the sacrament of baptism), bodily as a terrible sin. Benedict Anyansi, restored somewhat softened in the eighth century after Christ monastic morals in the former extent, was canonized for his ascetic way of life, rags, wisdom and fame in the society. Saint Benedict little, and rarely ate and washed, and washed, and then less and less. Who knows, perhaps the fashion for “neomogene body” among the monks and inspired the name of malodorous but very mild cheese known as Stinking Bishop, that is, “Stinking Bishop” (this cheese is very specific smell – it smells like you so to speak… a man (monk?) socks worn a week). Самые дурно пахнущие знаменитости в истории 2. Henry IV, king of France. One of the most famous French kings, Henry of Navarre, father of Louis XIII, one of the principles of his reign, chose the next – he tried to rule the country so that “every worker of the Kingdom had the opportunity on Sunday to eat chicken for lunch”. Despite the fact that faithful servant was to witness how His Majesty every morning, wore a fresh shirt, and it was known throughout the court, from king Henry came a kind of animal smell. The king loved hunting, and returning with another of them, did not consider it necessary to take a bath or at least mask the odor with Cologne. Mistress often complained to Henry IV that he smells like carrion. His second wife was literally bathe in perfume to spend with the king of the wedding night, without the strongest disgust. Самые дурно пахнущие знаменитости в истории 3. Howard Hughes. This hero of the twentieth century, a former millionaire, has turned from a graceful and attractive handsome Aviator, and later a film producer in coronarography skeleton that are considered enemies of everyone except Mormons. In 1957 Howard Hughes locked himself in the Studio, armed with milk, chocolate and napkins, to Nude to watch movies. After his seclusion in the world, Howard refused to take a bath and to wash, and started cutting his nails and cut his hair only once a year. Becoming a recluse, Hughes lived in Las Vegas, the Bahamas. So he lost the human form, for the identification of the corpse, the police was forced to remove fingerprints. Самые дурно пахнущие знаменитости в истории 4. Louis XIV, king of France. The Sun king rules seventy-two years, and that his era marked the establishment of the most absolute monarchy in Europe. Louis built the wonder Palace of Versailles and spent a few successful wars. But he was terrified of the water. Over the lifetime of Louis IV His Majesty only twice or thrice heed the beliefs of doctors and deigned to take a bath. He preferred to use aromatic powders as a powder, and rubbed his face with a cloth soaked with alcohol. When the king’s leg developed gangrene, which cost the life of Louis, he refused to let his doctors and not allowed even to wash the affected leg. Самые дурно пахнущие знаменитости в истории 5. Frederick II the Great, king of Prussia. Through the efforts of Frederick of Prussia had been transformed from a quiet eddy of Europe to developed and powerful state, which had to be considered and to be feared. After performing this miracle, the king called for the eyes of Old Fritz spent the remainder of his days in the Palace of Sanssouci with a bunch of your favorite fragile little dogs-Italian greyhounds and with malice unleash on any of the servants who tried to remove the traces of the dog’s life, the layer of which in some parts of the estate have reached 25-30 cm King Friedrich, seems to have gone mad— he stopped to wash, and for years hasn’t changed his clothes. After his death in 1786, Frederick’s Valet had discovered that the shirt Its Majesty on the back simply rotted from sweat. Самые дурно пахнущие знаменитости в истории 6. Marilyn Monroe. The embodiment of female beauty and sexuality, “the heroine’s suicide and heroin”, femme blonde Marilyn Monroe visited the beds of many men. Among her lovers was part of Joe DiMaggio and President Kennedy. And if you believe the conqueror and extender of female hearts to actor Clark Gable, Monroe was the “big muddy, but not in terms of sex.” Gable told me that Marilyn often suffered from diarrhea, suffered from irritable bowel syndrome, seldom bathed and ate exclusively in bed. All the leftovers went under the bed on the floor. Самые дурно пахнущие знаменитости в истории 7. Ludwig van Beethoven. Inspired, suffering from deafness, Beethoven became Emperor of romantic music in the enlightened eighteenth century. He was afraid to take a bath for fear of the pain from lead poisoning – as at the time of this harmful metal pipes were made of water pipes. The illness made genius terribly short-tempered and irritable — he is without a number:)I’ve launched that comes to hand, to those who dared to talk during the concert of the great Maestro Ludwig. The few friends who had access to the house of the composer, washed his clothes in secret, while Beethoven was sleeping. Самые дурно пахнущие знаменитости в истории 8. Karl Marx. The inspirer and Creator of communism, experiencing sympathy for the lumpen and the lower class was suffering from skin disease – he was constantly coming up with festering boils and carbuncles, which are poorly healed and inflamed again and again because of constant Smoking, daily drinking and the Holy conviction that cleanliness is a bourgeois relic that must be eradicated. Marx even felt proud of the fact that some of the first leaves of the manuscript of “Capital” stored on itself the traces of blood theoretician of the class struggle squeezed out in the process of writing spots on the body. Самые дурно пахнущие знаменитости в истории 10. Mao Zedong. Mao carried out a brutal internal politics took the life of millions of its citizens, but it has turned China into a powerful country, which had to be considered. The great Helmsman never brushed his teeth or showered. Instead, mistress had to wipe the Leader with a damp towel while he chewed tea leaves that are considered a suitable means for refreshing the mouth. He explained his reluctance to brush your teeth the fact that tiger, for example, never uses a toothbrush, but remains strong and with great teeth for life.


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